Soul Seek with Akshaya Chinapa

#9 - Keep Going

June 20, 2022 Akshaya Chinapa Season 1 Episode 9
Soul Seek with Akshaya Chinapa
#9 - Keep Going
Show Notes Transcript

This week we're keeping it short and sweet. We're asking if you recognize whether you're living your purposeful life right now. Listen to find out!

Episode Highlights:

  • How are you living your days? 
  • Are your weekends a getaway from your weekdays?
  • How your coping or numbing mechanisms are keeping you from your purpose.
  • Change is hard, but change is necessary.
  • How "But" keeps you stuck.

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Hey, you're listening to soul seek with me Akshaya in this space you have permission to dream, to dream, to learn to grow, and to break free. Welcome home my love's. 

Hey, and welcome back to soul seek with me Akshaya. I'm so happy that you're here today, I want to talk to you about how you're living your life right now. Right? How are you living your life right now? Let me get a little bit clearer. How do you live your life each day? Do you dread going to work in the mornings? Do you hate Mondays? Do you live for the weekends. And I want to offer you something. If you have to use the weekends, to take a break from the rest of your life, your weekday life, that might be a good sign that you might not be living in your full purpose. Right. And sure, you might be facing some hardship, relationship hardship, parenting hardship, economic hardship. But despite current circumstances, you can still show up for yourself your purpose. Allow your highest self show you how to navigate your life. Right. 
So at the end of each day, each week, if you're reaching for your coping mechanism, either Netflix, or food or wine, whatever you're using to escape from your current life is a coping mechanism. Right? This is also another pointer that you're not living in your purposeful life. Somehow your authentic highest self has been put into a corner and your fears have taken over and are driving the bus so to speak. Right? 

How are you currently numbing the pain of unfulfillment, or  dissatisfaction for where you are in your life right now? Are you also numbing the desire to change to change perspective, to reach for a new life to transform into a new you because it's too hard. But my love, change is hard. But change can also be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. And when you commit to change, right, always just looking to keep it simple, taking a step making a decision towards your goal, your desire towards your transformation into your highest self. Change can happen on your terms and with ease. And you get to take small steps. You get to go as slowly as you choose in order to get there. So we can use these coping mechanisms these numbing tools to avoid feeling the pain of not going knowing where we want to go in life, and not being there yet, of not feeling joy or true satisfaction in your current life. 

But how are we how are you also stopping yourself from changing? Right? A lot of times we tell ourselves, I want a better job, but I want to be healthier. But I want a better relationship with my spouse. But and what these bots do is it they create a hole beneath your feet, and they keep you stuck. They keep you from dreaming, they keep you from discovering your purpose, your highest self. And they keep you in the energy of fear. You remain stuck in the familiarity of dissatisfaction of not feeling hopeful, not feeling joyful, or peaceful or purposeful. 

These things can feel so familiar, the dissatisfaction or the disharmony can feel so familiar, that it becomes comfortable to remain there. That the curiosity of seeing if there's something else out there for you feels uncomfortable. Right. But sometimes discomfort, the discomfort of change is the only way out. And there are always excuses to go along with the buts- I don't have time. I don't have money, or it's too expensive. My kids or my grandkids need me. I have a stable job. I don't want to rock the boat. Right. We always have an excuse to go along with the but to keep us from experiencing change. 

But you deserve to change. You deserve to grow, to discover your purpose and your highest self. Why? Because you deserve to be happy. And if you've already been in your journey, to discover your purpose, your highest self, and you feel like you're still not there and you're feeling a little disheartened. Keep going. This journey of discovery of transformation into your highest self is a life long journey. And even when you get there, you're not done. Your purpose will evolve as well you into that next best version of yourself. If you haven't started the journey, begin and then keep going. If you're just beginning, keep going. Wherever you are in this journey in your life. Keep going, Keep going, Keep going. You deserve to live a life you love. Have a beautiful day. 

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