Soul Seek with Akshaya Chinapa

#8 - Your Purposeful Life

June 06, 2022 Akshaya Chinapa Season 1 Episode 8
Soul Seek with Akshaya Chinapa
#8 - Your Purposeful Life
Show Notes Transcript

In this episode, i talk about the three things you can begin to do right now to find your purpose in life. It's simpler than you think, but are you willing to do it?

Episode Highlights:

  • Claiming my purpose as a life coach.
  • How the path of yoga and becoming a yoga therapist helped me find my purpose as a life coach. 
  • Finding the thing/s that light you up. 
  • Indulging in creativity to find creative solutions in life. 
  • Leaning into your core values in work, in love, in life. 

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Hey, you're listening to soul seek with me Akshaya in this space, you have permission to dream, to dream, to learn, to grow, and to break free. Welcome home, my love's. 

Hey, everyone, and welcome back to Soul Seek with me Akshaya. Today we're going to talk about purposeful living, and how you can discover your soul's purpose in this life. 

So, earlier this week, I chatted with a neighbor. And we just recently moved to this neighborhood. And you know, so I'm meeting a lot of new people. And I'm, you know, asking them who they are, what they do, and in turn, you know, they turn around ask, you know, what do you do? Where did you move from all those kinds of get to know you chitchat? So, as I chatted with her, she asked me, "So do you work from home?" And I was like, "Yeah, I do work from home." And then she asked, "Who do you work for? Do you work for a local company?" And I was like, "No, I work for myself. I am a life coach, and I run my own coaching business." And let me tell you how incredibly powerful and liberating it felt to say that, to think just two years ago, I was stuck in indecision. I was confused. And I struggled to identify with clarity, my purposeful path. I had just completing my yoga therapy training and I thought that my purpose lay in teaching yoga and teaching Ayurveda and ayurvedic cooking, and I even had a plan to pop into an Ayurvedic health counselor training. And I wasn't clear about it, it something in me kept telling me, you know, this doesn't feel right, this doesn't feel right. So there was so much confusion and indecision, to really go down that path, until I discovered coaching, right? Until I committed to starting a coaching business, which I've already talked about a few episodes ago, I won't go back into the whole story again. But once I began the journey of starting, running and committing to my coaching business, I then stepped into my purpose and allowed my purpose to fuel my dream, my reality, right. 

So let me tell you a little bit about my purpose. I believe with all of my heart that my purpose is to help heal humanity and guide people to their own purpose and towards their highest selves through coaching. So through the process of coaching, I help people discover their passion, their vision, their dream, and ultimately,  guide them towards their purpose. Along the way, they discover their highest selves. Right, and that is clear for me now. Once I discovered my passion for helping others, then doing whatever I needed to do to start, run, maintain, market and grow my business comes that much more easily. Right. I am no longer stuck in indecision. I no longer question my posts. I no longer second guess the message that I have to share with my audience with my clients. I trust my intuition. Right and sometimes my intuition I will speak up during a coaching session where I offer insight to my clients. And sometimes my intuition will pop up as guidance for myself. This is the next podcast episode to record. Right. And that's just an example of how my purpose fuels, my dream, my passion, my showing up for myself every single day. 

And here's the thing you might be wondering,  "Am I living my purposeful life?" And if it feels like you're not, you might wonder, how do I discover my life's purpose? Or how do I recognize if I'm living my life's purpose now, or if there's a slight change in direction that I need to make in order to discover my life's purpose. So I'm going to share with you my three tips to helping you discover your soul's purpose. And this discovery isn't limited to just these three tips. But it might lead you somewhere deeper, that will help you identify your purpose greater. Identifying your purpose isn't something that'll happen, just at the end of this podcast, or in a week or in a month. But give yourself the time and the space. Right you can say "I will discover my purpose no matter how long it takes me to find it, I am committed to finding it." And once you make that commitment to yourself, then you know, you will be able to see it when it shows up. 

Number one, ask yourself each day. What brings me joy. Right, identify your source of joy. What do you enjoy doing? Right now that you can just spend hours doing that when you're in the act of doing this activity, you get transported to another place. It could be while practicing yoga. It could be when you talk about organizing your closets or organizing your kids toys. It could be when you talk about teaching or teaching something very specific. Right? Say you love Human Design and you want to teach everybody about human design. Right? What is that one thing that you could do over and over again, and it brings you so much joy, so much satisfaction, so much fulfillment? And then find your path to doing that activity more. Right. So say if if you know if you have this inkling that your current job, your current career isn't necessarily the one that offers you fulfillment or satisfaction. Maybe you can begin to discover your joy, your passion on the side. Right? Maybe it's in volunteering your time with children and teaching them craft or art. Right. It could even be setting up an online class to teach kids art. If your passion is in coaching, maybe you get a coaching certification and begin coaching on the side. Right. Maybe it's in making jewelry, or creating beautiful pieces of art that people may hang in their homes. But once you discover it, even if you're afraid to quit your job, and go all in on this side hustle, this creative endeavor, just begin on the side. Right and allow that experience to inform you. You notice how you feel when you're doing something that brings you joy and fulfillment. And when you feel like you're just lost in the moment of what you enjoy the most. And as you figure it out on the side, figure out how you can maybe create a sustainable income, then you can slowly start to work it towards your everyday. Right, you don't have to blow up your life. In order to find your purpose and your passion, you can begin small, you can begin by just taking baby steps. But give yourself the permission to discover what lights you up for. 

My second tip is when you are looking to find your purpose, when you are looking to find satisfaction, and joy and fulfillment in your life, indulge in creativity. Even if you're not an artist, or you don't think that you're creative, like I used to, I used to think "I'm not creative" . But find a creative outlet. Right, I used to think I wasn't creative. Until I noticed how much I love to experiment with food, and with recipes, and with cooking. I used to think that my kitchen was like this mad scientist's playground, I would just get to try new things every time I cooked. So whether it's baking, or cooking, or painting rocks, building Legos, decorating, designing flower arrangements, the purpose of indulging in your creativity is to access the part of your brain that you don't normally use to help you find creative solutions to finding your purpose. Right, as opposed to saying, "oh my god, how am I going to find my purpose? How am I going to find my purpose? How am I going to find my purpose?" Chances are just asking that question over and over again will keep you stuck and unable to find the answer. But when you step out and live life, say you travel, say you try new restaurants, say you indulge in art and creativity and cooking and painting and whatever that sparks joy when you spend time in those spaces where you get lost, enjoy, then the answers slowly start to come to you. It almost shows up like a roadmap and it says go this way. And now go this way. And now go here, which I have to say is really taking from my own journey in the healing space in the mental health space and coaching. Right, I started with yoga. And I took lots of different trainings that took me deeper and deeper into myself. And I got into meditation, then that deepened. Then I got into yoga therapy and that deepened and along the way, even though being a yoga therapist wasn't my ultimate purpose in life, it led me to discovering coaching, which I can say right now is definitely my purpose in this life. So allow yourself to be carried by the poll that says, open the store or go here next. And your purpose may not arise overnight, in a month, in a week or even a year. But you must show up for yourself each day, you must allow yourself the freedom and the space to discover it. 

Now the last the third thing that I'd like to share with you is identify your core values. Right? When you become clear in the values that drive you, you can apply those values to everything that you do. You know, you can Google the values list and find a list and then identify you know the top 10 or 15 that stand out to you. And then take those 10 or 15 and pare it down to eight. And then take those eight and pare it down to five. Right, just make a shortlist and work yourself down to five core values. And even though you resonate with a lot of others, find the five that speak the loudest to you, that show up the most in your life. Right, you can apply to how you live your life, apply to how you work, how you play, how you dream, how you travel. Your core values can help you shine the light towards your purpose. For example, my core values for my business and my life, are do everything with ease, have fun, find your flow, be purposeful, and intentional, show love and be courageous. And I apply that, to my business, to my life, to my parenting to my relationships. And it has served me well. It has helped me weed out what I don't need in my life, what might distract me from where I want to go? Right. 

So I'm just going to recap the three tips that I shared with you today. Ask yourself each day, what brings me joy, indulge in creativity, and identify your core values. So those are my three steps to helping you find your purpose. And I'm curious which ones excites you the most? What part of this episode, of all of the tips all of the examples that I share which excited you and lifted you up the most? And use that as your inspiration to go and discover your own purpose? I'd love to hear what came up for you. So feel free to share with me in the comments, DM me on Instagram or send me an email and let me know. I look forward to continuing the conversation with you. Have a beautiful day.

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