Soul Seek with Akshaya Chinapa

#7 - Celebrating the Little Things

May 30, 2022 Akshaya Chinapa Season 1 Episode 7
Soul Seek with Akshaya Chinapa
#7 - Celebrating the Little Things
Show Notes Transcript

In this episode, I talk about the importance of celebrating the little things, so you can get closer to the big things you desire in your life. Celebrating little milestones, which may not even seem important to you right now, is how you begin to live in the moment.

Episode Highlights:

  • The little things help you create the big things in your life.
  • How celebrating getting out of self-doubt and becoming more confident helped me get really clear in my business.
  • Examples of celebrating milestones on the road to your bigger goal. 
  • Life is not a race. 
  • Questions to help you start celebrating the little things today.

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Hey, you're listening to Soul Seek with me Akshaya. In this space you have permission to dream to learn, learn to grow, and to break free. Welcome home my loves. 

Hey, everyone, welcome back to Soul Seek with me Akshaya. Celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations retirements, we celebrate the holidays, we celebrate odd promotions. But what about all the other stuff? Like the first time you paid a bill all on your own. The first meal you cooked, the first relationship you ended because you knew you deserved better. Somehow we don't give ourselves credit for the little things. The little things we grew to believe we were capable of. 

I have recently started celebrating the little things. I have this thing my coach does with me. Every week when we begin our meeting, she asks me "So Akshaya what are we celebrating today?" And initially, it was a really difficult practice for me just finding the things that I could celebrate in my life. But what it created for me was awareness. Right, in between our coaching sessions, I developed awareness around the things that I was doing in my life, in my business, that I wanted to talk about at our next meeting. And so as weeks went by, I began to take notice of my life, of my actions, of the things, I would just bypass and ignore and say no big deal. And I decided I would make it a big deal. When I spoke to my coach, and the more comfortable I got with celebrating those little things with her, I became more comfortable celebrating it with myself, with my family, with my friends. I got on board with all of the little things. And what that cleared for me was the ability to celebrate the big things as well. 
Because I was the person who when I graduated from college, I didn't attend the graduation ceremony. I said no big deal. I didn't have a graduation party. I didn't have a party when I turned 18 or 21. I said no big deal. I kept discounting all of my accomplishments. Getting my first job, traveling alone for the first time. Right, having my first child. I said no big deal. Everyone does this. Right. But it is a big deal. Your life is a big deal. All of the little things compound to create the entirety of your life experience. 

So I recently began celebrating the little things like feeling more confident. Like overcoming self doubt and fear. And you're hearing the product of it right now. Right This podcast is what was created once I overcame my self doubt and my fear and once I stopped indulging in self doubt. I got really really clear. I got clear about my dreams, got clear about my next goal, I got clear about the next week.

And that's how I run my business and my life, from week to week, paying attention to the now and not allowing my goals to pull me out of alignment and into the fear of getting there. Because that will, that's what we can do that even when we muster up all the courage, and start working towards our goals, we make it seem like if we slow down, and if we stop, we won't ever get there. So now the moment I start feeling that fear, like Oh, my God, I'm not working enough, hard enough, I indulge in my vision, right, my part of my vision is to create this business that runs, even when I take a break. So I take breaks, I go out into my yard, I sit on my swing, I just stare out at the scenery. I take a walk, right? Because what that allows me to do is it creates space and energy for me to come back into my business with  refreshed energy, a clearer perspective. It's almost like giving yourself a reset every single day. So you don't burn out. So you're not fatigued. And so you can stay committed to your goal. Because the point isn't how fast you get there. The point is getting there with ease and flow and enjoying your life at the same time. 

This is why we celebrate the little things. When we don't allow ourselves to to acknowledge that we can slow down, that we can take a step back to take in how far we've come and celebrate the small things in life. We become stuck. We can be become so focused on getting there just getting there that we forget to live our life and enjoy the purpose of working so hard. 

So let me give you a few examples here, right? It's like we don't notice, when we lose three pounds of our 25 pound goal. You deserve to celebrate that. When you hire a professional to clean up your resume, celebrate it. When your kids wash their own dishes, celebrate it. When you pick a name you love for your new business, sell celebrate it. Because what you're doing is you're celebrating getting closer to your intended result. The intended results in these examples being the larger goal of 25 pounds down, the new better paying aligned job and that resume will help you get there. Teaching your kids to be self sufficient, so celebrating every small step along the way to creating their self sufficiency. And doing something like registering your new business, right like opening the doors to your new business celebrating even just picking a name. The world will tell you that these things are not a big deal. But you get to decide that it is. Making a decision from self love is to be celebrated. Pushing self doubt aside so you can get closer to your goal, even for today should be celebrated. So each week, take a log of how far you've come and of what you've accomplished.

And if you didn't get to everything on your list, that's okay. This is not a race. You get to move at your own pace. You get to take as big or as small all steps as you decide. So some days, you might want to move really fast. Some days you might want to move slowly. And some days you might just need to take a pause right take a break, step away, refresh your energy, go on vacation and come back with that refreshed spirit and energy. 

So my loves, I'd like to leave you with this. What will you celebrate today? And just this week alone. Right think about your current goal, your bigger vision, and how is what you're doing today taking you closer to that bigger vision and celebrate it. Have a beautiful day my love's. 

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