Soul Seek with Akshaya Chinapa

#6 - Getting Out of Your Own Way

May 23, 2022 Akshaya Chinapa Season 1 Episode 6
Soul Seek with Akshaya Chinapa
#6 - Getting Out of Your Own Way
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How are you your own biggest obstacle? What thoughts are on a loop in your mind, keeping you from what you desire the most?

Listen to this episode to find out how you can begin to get out of your way.

Episode Highlights:

  • The self deprecating thoughts we choose to believe.
  • How our thoughts can keep us from finding a partner. 
  • The thoughts that kept me from starting this podcast sooner.
  • The thoughts I learned to believe to get to my goal. 
  • Questions to start interrupting the unhelpful thoughts you have.

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Episode 6 - Getting out of your own way

Hey, you're listening to soul seek with me Akshaya in this space, you have permission to dream to learn, learn to grow, and to break free. Welcome home, my love's.

Hey everyone, and welcome back to Soul Seek with me Akshaya. It's a beautiful day today. And I wanted to talk about how we get in our own way. Right? How are we, oftentimes our own biggest obstacle? And here are some of the things we either think to ourselves or we have on a loop in our minds, right? We tell ourselves, you're not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, thin enough? Right? Let me put this in an example to make it a little more clear. 

So say, you're single, and you've been looking for a partner, you know, you're in the dating game, you're either on an app or, you know, you're you've asked your friends to look out for you, and things like that. Or maybe you've even hired a professional matchmaker, right, whatever it is. And as you are on your search, if you have this fear that Oh, my God, I'm not going to find the right person. Because I'm not in enough, I'm not at my goal weight. I'm not pretty enough or handsome enough, right? Maybe he won't like my teeth. Maybe he won't like my car, maybe he won't like my friends. Right? And these thoughts, these self deprecating thoughts, they actually block us from the thing that we desire the most. Right? So in this case, when you're looking for a relationship, if you put all of your attention and energy into all of the ways you would not be right for somebody else, then chances are you're not going to find that person who you are right for. Right? You've set up this energetic block just through these self deprecating thoughts. 

But I want to offer you another thought. What if you were exactly what your ideal partner was looking for? Right? What if you are that one unique soul that lights up his or her life? Think about it. You could be your ideal person's perfect partner just as you are now. And let's face it beyond physical appearance, your career, your ambition, your ability to be a good parent, whatever it is, that's important for you, when looking for a relationship is this other person that you're looking for? If they don't light you up and you don't like them up, then what is the fucking point? In a relationship you have to light each other up. Beyond all of the attractive qualities, right? You have to like each other up. So how have your thoughts gotten in the way of what you desire? Whether it's a relationship, whether it's a new job, right, whether it's Improving your relationship with a parent or a sibling, or a friendship. 

So in a previous episode, I've already talked a little bit about how it took me two years to start this podcast. And even before the two years, I was so deep in my fear based thoughts, right? I don't know how to start a podcast. I'm late in the game, like, you know, people have been podcasting for like, over 10 years now. Nobody wants a new podcast. And why would anyone listen to my podcast when there are so many other amazing podcasts out there? Right, these are the thoughts that kept me from beginning. I'm blocked from even maybe trying to find a solution to what I didn't know about starting a podcast. But something in me kept nagging at me, right? Like that whisper in my soul kept saying "you have to start a podcast". And in 2020, I put on my vision board, start a podcast in 2022. It's sat up on my wall, every single day, I sat down and looked at it, because I put it in a place where I just could not miss it. And what this allowed for was, it allowed me to begin taking steps. Right? I met people who had podcasts. I got on a couple of really beautiful women's podcasts. Right? And then I asked them, How did you start? What apps do you use? What equipment to use? And when they gave me their answers. I thought Okay, now what do I want to take away from this? Right? I'm not going to go out and buy everything that they have. But what is absolutely necessary, bare bones, to start a podcast? I read articles. Right? There are lots of articles out there that tell you how to start a podcast and they'll all list technical information, information about equipment, information about hosting sites and apps and things like that. I even subscribed to an app which I subscribed to months before I started my podcast. And then when I started using it, I saw that it was not the right app for me. I was like, Oh, damn. 

And then I just canceled my subscription. I said, Okay, that's all right. I found the one I did want. And I canceled the one that wasn't working for me. But here's the thing, right subscribing to it showed me that, oh, this is not the right one. And then it opened up the doors to looking for the right solution. And then as I took these steps, you know, I just left the door open, and people and solutions kept walking in. Right, I started figuring things out. And then one day, it became clear to me what I wanted to share in my podcast, what my message was going to be. And once I figured that out, I met a podcast planner, who helped me plan out the first five episodes of my podcast. Right, I spent four hours with her just talking going through episode after episode, I will admit here, I have very much veered from the plan. Because once I actually started recording, then the the details around episodes became even more clear, right. So I gave myself permission to veer from the plan to change the plan. And then I was ready. I was ready. I had everything ready to go. 

But I was also scared. So then I asked my business coach to hold me accountable, which she did. She said, Okay, tell me when are you going to launch? What are you going to do? So I gave her my recording plan. And then I asked her because she has a podcast I said hey, what do you do? Where do you host your podcast? You know, I asked her a few questions. And that helped me make my one last final decision. 

And as I was recording, I followed, you know, like this organic rhythm of my message. And it dawned upon me that I will never run out of ideas for this podcast. I can literally keep going every week, I don't have to make a long list of what I'm going to record right now. But I know that as I keep doing my work, as I keep coaching, all of these beautiful ideas will keep coming to me. And I can keep going. And then I want to share with you a really, really important, pivotal thought that came into my mind. 

I will not cancel myself anymore. I was done with it. I was done with wondering, Am I good enough? To Start A Podcast? Am I good enough to grow my business? Am I good enough to tell people I'm a life coach and tell them I can help them? I just said no, I will not cancel myself anymore. I felt this deep desire to share my message. And I felt certain that there are people out there are waiting for my message. The thought I will not cancel myself opened up the possibility for so many new ideas and opened up the possibility that allows me to sit here every week, and press record and deliver another episode. So what I'm showing you here is how our thoughts either get in our way and keep us from our desires, our goals, our dreams, and how we can have our own mind and interrupt the unhelpful thoughts and introduce the positive thoughts that guide you towards your dreams, your desires, your goals. Right? 

So just imagine for a moment what it would feel like to get to that one big goal you have right now. What if you stopped canceling yourself? What if you got out of your own way? What we'd open up for you. And I'm going to leave you with this one last piece of love here.

Keep the door open my loves. There is a world of possibility out there for you. Just keep it open, it will come. 

And if you resonated with this episode with the message that you received today. Please like, comment, share with anyone who you think can benefit from this message right? You have their friend in mind, you're like oh my god, she needs to hear this. Share it with her right now. When you open up the doors for yourself, you allow others in your circle to have that same opportunity, right, for the doors to open up for them. Have a beautiful day my love's.

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