Soul Seek with Akshaya Chinapa

#2 Who vs. How

April 14, 2022 Akshaya Chinapa Season 1 Episode 2
Soul Seek with Akshaya Chinapa
#2 Who vs. How
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I talk about the importance of BEING the person who is already living the dream as opposed to worrying about HOW you're going to get there. Listen now and start becoming the WHO.

You have permission to dream my loves!

Episode highlights:

  • Who you need to be in order to live your dream life.
  • The wrong question you’re asking yourself.
  • Recognizing the fears which keep you from your dream.
  • Embracing your future self - getting clear about the vision.
  • Dreaming as a daily practice.

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Episode 2 - Who vs. How

Hey, everyone, welcome back to Soul Seek with me, Akshaya. 

So last week, we talked a little bit about your dream, right? We talked about the importance of connecting to your dream about having a dream about breaking out of the box that you have built around yourself, to keep yourself from connecting to the authentic whispers of your soul, right. 

And we talked about breaking out of that box. And the freedom that comes with the dream, the freedom that comes with taking courageous steps towards the dream. 

And we're gonna dig into that a little bit more. today. We're going to talk about this concept of who, versus how, right? 

Oftentimes, when we begin our journey, when we have a dream, when we have a goal in mind, the question we always ask is, How do I get there? 

Right, we always wonder about all of the steps that we need to take to get there. And here's something I want to share with you. 

This is the wrong question to be asking yourself, right, the how you're going to get to a goal, you're going to get to a dream, you're going to get that job, you're going to buy that house, you're going to move to Europe, the house is actually completely out of your hands. 

The how comes to you when you decide who you're going to be first. 

Right. And here's a little tip. Who you need to be is the person who already has the dream. who's living the dream who's living in Europe, who's in that role, you've always dreamed about? who's living a beautiful life in that house that you saved up for? That you built up your good credit for him, but that mortgage approved for?

Right. So whether you have the dream now or not, it's important to begin showing up as the person who already has it all.

This is not faking it till you make it. This is creating belief. Believing in yourself, in your worth, that you are worthy of that dream. You are worthy of that promotion, you are worthy of that house. That relationship. Right. When you begin to embrace the who you need to be in your dream in your vision, you begin to build up your self worth, your love for yourself. You begin to get out of your own way, you begin to do the work of taking down every hurdle that stands in your way whether it's generational or societal messaging, whether it's fear, whether it's anxiety, right, you begin working on all of the things that are in your way right now. You begin questioning, you begin reframing your thoughts. Dropping unhelpful thoughts, unhelpful messaging, and creating new empowered messages, right, you go from, oh, I can only be a stay at home mom, because that's what I was told that my priority, if I want to have children, my priority has to always be that first. But when you start letting that go, when you start releasing the grip of outdated rules and messages that have been subconsciously planted, right, you begin to release the grip that fear has in your life. 

When I started letting go of this idea that I had to be an amazing cook in order to be a good mom. And I started embracing shortcuts, and quick, simple recipes, I was still cooking, I still cook healthy food. But sometimes I make it easy on myself, I choose a quick recipe that I can have on the table in 30 minutes or less. Sometimes it means ordering takeout. Right, when I begin to let go of that version of myself, who I thought I should have been. I opened up the doors for self compassion, for all the pain, all the frustration that I was feeling in my life. And then I began embracing new thoughts, new concepts, new ideas. 

And one of the thoughts that I embraced early on when I was on the cusp of starting my business was I am a work from home mom. And I prioritize my business when my kids are at school. And later, there will always be time to cook a meal and serve them. A warm, healthy meal. Right. And that's how my days are structured. 

Now, I spend six or more hours during the day starting from the morning, right? I wake up, I worked out, I dropped them off. I come back, I get ready for the day and I get to work. Right today, I'm recording a podcast. Tomorrow, I'll be coaching clients. I'll be writing Instagram posts, I'll be sharing, I'll be connecting. I'll have my own meeting with my coach. All of these things are part of who I have to be in order to be a successful business owner.

So what are you going to prioritize? In order to get to your dream? What are you willing to release? What do you know deep in your heart that you have to let go of right now, in order to step closer to your dream? And once you begin to embrace the who you need to be, your next steps come to you. They become clearer and they make themselves known. Right? 

It becomes very clear what your next steps are. And often we're only given maybe one, two, or three next best steps. You're not going to see the end result of walking the path to your dream. There is no guarantee that end marker, what happens is, Excuse me. What happens is as you begin your journey, that marker keeps moving. As your dream as, as your dream expands the marker moves. Right. So you have a dream now. And that dream is going to keep expanding as long as you're making progress towards the dream. Right? The destination is not the goal. It's the journey. 

It's who you have to be who you already are. Yeah, that's the secret. You are already the person in your dream. That person is inside you right now asking to come up to the light. Ready to shine their light. 

Now I want you to think about you know, I want to give you like a tangible example of what it looks like to go after a dream.

So let's take you know, imagine that your dream is to own a home. Right? And if you get stuck in how am I going to buy a home? How am I going to make my payments? How is this going to work out? What if I lose the house? What if I can't make my mortgage payments? What if I lose my job? Right? 

Here's the thing, even when you buy a house, nothing is guaranteed. You have to lean into your trust that this is the next best step for me buying a home is the next step for me. Is the dream right now. 

And what you want to connect with is who you are as a homeowner, who you already are. What do you imagine when you think about buying a home? Right? When you think about your ideal home? What do you think about what comes to mind? How do you spend your time in that home? Right? Do you spend time watching movies with your family on the couch, cooking meals in the kitchen, making messes? 

Maybe you have a list of home improvement projects that you just can't wait to get started on. Right and envisioning what it feels like to actually live in the home. And maybe you even imagine what it feels like once you've lived many years in this beautiful home, what it feels like to pass it down to your children. Right. When you embrace who you are already living in that home, owning that home, passing it on to the next generation. The next step will become clear. 

You will know when you're ready to buy the house the right home will show up when you show up for yourself. So allow yourself to get excited about your dream about your vision. And give yourself even one to two minutes each day. 

Just a dream. Best case scenario Right, we always spend so much time thinking about, Oh, worst case scenario I need to prepare. No, you do not need to plan or prepare for something that's not in front of you right now. That's not immediately in your horizon. 

But you do need to dream. You do need to dream, connect to your dream, to allow that pathway to open up. The road may still be bumpy, but the path will be clear enough for you to walk on.

It works my loves. I'm telling you, it works. You have permission to dream. So tell me what are you going to dream about? I'll see you next time. Have a beautiful day. Happy dreaming.