Soul Seek with Akshaya Chinapa

#1 Dare to Dream

April 14, 2022 Akshaya Chinapa Season 1 Episode 1
Soul Seek with Akshaya Chinapa
#1 Dare to Dream
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Welcome to Episode #1, YAY! 

In this episode, I talk about the importance of dreaming and letting go of the unhelpful thoughts that get in your way. 

Episode highlights:

  • My story and how I broke out of the box I had put myself in.
  • The thoughts which help me embrace and show up for my dream every day.
  • The importance of dreaming.
  • How you might be limiting yourself based on generational and societal messaging. 
  • Giving yourself hope for the future.

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Episode 1 - Dare to Dream

Hey, and welcome to Soul Seek with me Akshaya Chinapa Reddy, I want to tell you a little story.

So today is the first day of this podcast. It's the first episode. And this idea has been sitting in my heart for a couple of years now. And it took me a while to get really clear about what I wanted to share, what my message was, and how I wanted to add value in the podcast space.

And so here is a little bit of backstory to get us started.

So I began my own transformational journey. About two years ago, when I started working with a coach, I felt this need in my life that I wanted to heal something in me that was asking for healing.

All of these feelings and these thoughts kind of came up around the time that my mom was ill with a very rare type of cancer back in 2019. And what that brought up for me was how I wanted to step forward in my life in the best, not just physical, but also in the best mental and emotional space.

And what came out of that desire was this need to heal, heal generational trauma, heal past wounds, and really allow myself to connect with the voice of my soul, my authentic nature, and bring that forth. And what got me started on the journey was stepping into a coaching relationship with my mentor in her coaching program.

And as I went through the program, I just started discovering ways to express myself which I really wasn't able to do in the past, I really lacked words. I lacked the ability to communicate my emotions. And a lot of this kind of came, you know, was in me, all these blocks were in me, because of the way I was raised to not really express my emotion, the full range of my emotions, right. So, what I'm so so grateful to my coaching, training, and this beautiful container that my mentor Taryn Watts setup was the opportunity to be free with my emotions.

I was seen for who I was, I wasn't judged in any way I was completely accepted. And I was hurt.

I realized just having the space helped me, allow my own healing to happen.

Showed me that this is what I wanted to do for others, for other women, for other men for soul seekers, for people just looking to heal from their past to connect with their most authentic vision to connect with their purpose, right and then begin to take the steps towards living a more purposeful and intentional life. This was really a draw for me. spent many years in the yoga space. I am a certified yoga therapist along with being a certified life coach. I spent many years just studying yoga studying yoga philosophy.

Chanting, moving my body breathing, and having my own mentors in the yoga space and

yoga allowed for so much healing and awareness to happen. But coaching really allowed me to take it to that next level.

It allowed me to heal all of the wounds that sat deep below the surface. And I'm not saying that I'm 100% healed. But I have definitely begun the journey. And I continue to work with coaches, mentors, just people who allow me to continue to shine brightly.

So, this podcast is a response to all of these.

The journey that I've been on, as I moved past, obstacle after obstacle, as I embraced my true nature, as I began to let go of the idea of who I thought I should be,


We all kind of come into adulthood with this idea of this is who I should be. And sometimes it's very much in alignment, it will take you towards your purpose. But purpose can also shift right your purpose grows, your purpose expands your purpose, leads you in different directions. And the ultimate goal of you know, your purpose is to help you heal to help you connect with the voice of your soul to help you connect with source with the universe. And to really connect with the plan that the universe has laid out for you.

It's not set in stone, there is a lot of room for movement, for curiosity, for trying different things.

But we have to be open to listening to the whispers of our soul, right? If we come into adulthood, we come into life, thinking that this is the box, I am meant to fit in for the rest of my life. Whether you're a lawyer, whether you're a teacher, whether you're an artist, right, you will never be able to fully witness the potential that you have. Right? 

I believe that you may be a teacher today. But you may be a business owner, five years from now, you may be an artist today, but then you might turn around and teach others how to create art.


You may be a lawyer today, but then you might turn around and become a coach and support other lawyers in their journey through law school, through getting into you know, corporate law, whatever that is right.

Keep your mind open to the possibilities that might be out there for you. And if you have put yourself in a box, if you have restricted yourself, saying, Well, I spent X amount of dollars on law school, on med school, on my art degree, and I have to see this through, I have to do what I studied.

Then you're limiting yourself, you're literally setting up roadblocks, you're putting yourself into a box. And it might work for you for a certain time, you might be a very successful lawyer, you might be a very successful artist, you might be a very successful teacher.

Right? You might have this great retirement plan, everything. You know, tucked away nice and neat. Your kids set up for college. All of those things might be there. But there might be this nagging voice in your gut that says there's more.

Right? And what I want to ask you is are you willing to stop, to slow down for just a moment?

So you can listen.

So you can listen to the voice of your soul.

So you can listen to what

What else the universe has designed for you in this life?

Maybe it is to expand your family. Maybe it's to move out onto a beautiful tropical island. Get yourself a little land and grow your own fruits, vegetables, have a little farm with goats and hens.

Right? I have to admit, that's a little bit of my dream there. 

But I would not have allowed myself to even think of the possibility of living on a tropical island if I hadn't been willing to heal. From my past, if I hadn't been willing to look at how I constructed myself in this box in this identity that I thought was me being a stay at home mom, cooking amazing meals, teaching cooking classes, teaching yoga on the side, but my primary focus was my family and my children.

I believe that was who I was meant to be. And that working you know, having a little business was just something I did on the side if I had the time or the energy to do it.

But then I was unfulfilled, I felt the pain of just being so deeply unfulfilled. And I was bored.

I was bored. I had too much time. And yes, I could keep myself busy with folding clothes and cleaning the floor. 

But hey, is that what I want to leave behind?

I asked myself that question. I'm like, do I really want to be remembered for how neatly the clothes were put away and how organized my home is.

And it was a big help. No, I do not want to be remembered for those things. In fact, I am completely okay, with my house being a little messy, with there being dog hair on the floor, if I can, if I have the ability to focus on my purpose for a few hours every single day. And that's what I get to do. 

Now, through this podcast through my coaching business. That's what I choose to do.

Every single day,

I get to live my purpose, focus on coaching others to live their most extraordinary lives, helping them heal through generational trauma, helping them disband societal messages that have kept them playing small.

Right? helping them identify the voice of their soul and trust, the plan of the universe to trust that deep internal guidance that we are all set up with.

That is the purpose of this podcast to help you navigate your way to your own soul.

That is Soul Seek.

And as we move forward in this podcast, I hope to share with you ideas, thoughts, dreams

and stories of others who have been brave enough to break out of their boxes and live an aligned soulful life.

There is no greater gift in this world and having hope for the future. And when you live a purposeful, intentional, mindful life. You give yourself the gift of hope.

So are you ready to go on this journey with me and my loves?

I am ready for you. Let's go.